W E D D I N G F L A I R . C O M


We are so grateful to have had you as our wedding photographer. You captured the magic moments of the day. The wedding album brings us so much joy every time we looked through it. It will be cherished forever. Thank you!

Wow, there are so many great pictures that we love. We are overwhelmed.

We can't say THANK YOU enough. The engagement photos were amazing and we so loved the framed ones you gave us and our families. Looking forward now to the wedding!

Your boundless energy and enthusiasm in capturing those special moments on our wedding day have left us with a wealth of memories. We received so many compliments on the wedding album. The images are so modern and timeless at the same time. Thank you for the fabulous photographs!

Your pics are beyond gorgeous!!! Amazing shots for Pierre Cardin. But the Lanvin ---Wow! - Janet Jackson, Anne Hathaway... Love them and you.

Everything was perfect. We LOVED every picture. You definitely captured the night exactly how it was from a great point of view. I can't wait to see what you do for our album. We hope you had fun too!

Thanks so much Wai! We felt so lucky to have you as our wedding photographer. We looked over the images and we love them!

I just wanted to say that I LOOOOVE all the pics. seriously!!! We've interviewed many wedding photographers prior to meeting you. Many of their works were good but we needed to find a unique person who can work with us more intimately. Thank you so much for everything - the quality of your work, especially your ability to pick up details and to compile it all together to create a story. TOTALLY LOOOOVE IT! Anyways, I'll be more than happy to provide references in any way that you like. I look forward to us keeping in touch.

Just received our wedding albums and they look beautiful. Thank you so much.

It was so much fun shooting our engagement portraits with you. Thom and I really appreciate you helping us feel comfortable in front of the camera. We are thrilled with the results and look forward to having you as our photographer on our wedding day.